What’s New in June!

Happy Summer Friends, I'm here with some updates for June news. I like to get these out before mid month but things have been hectic! Summer is in full-swing here in Florida, and I'm loving the buzz and excitement it brings! Speaking of excitement, I am proud to say that Immortal Descent had gotten some … Continue reading What’s New in June!


Author Interview with Roxanne Lambie

Reader and Writer Friends! Today, we’ll be interviewing the awesome Roxanne Lambie and discussing her debut novel Quantum, which released in May with Astrea Press! I’m especially excited for this interview because it’s not every day I get to interview an author who is also a professional pilot! Read on to learn more about Roxanne’s … Continue reading Author Interview with Roxanne Lambie

Tips for Writing Inspiration

This one’s for all my writer friends. 😉 How many times have you been so inspired to write, you couldn’t stop? It’s great right? Well how many times have you found yourself wanting to pull your hair out because’ve got nothing? Yup, not so great. Call it writer’s block, a rough patch, a dry … Continue reading Tips for Writing Inspiration