What’s New in June!

Happy Summer Friends,

I’m here with some updates for June news. I like to get these out before mid month but things have been hectic! Summer is in full-swing here in Florida, and I’m loving the buzz and excitement it brings! Speaking of excitement, I am proud to say that Immortal Descent had gotten some nice recognition as of late. 😀


Back in April, I entered my book cover into a contest ran by WeLoveIndieBooks.com and lo and behold… I won first place! This winning was a nod to my awesome cover artist Cora of Cora Graphics for helping me bring my vision for Immortal Descent to life. It was also my first “win” for my book.

I’m also a featured book on their website, so that’s super exciting too. On top of that, Immortal Descent‘s cover also received the Gold Star Award for April from TheBookDesigner.com. I’ve got both badges proudly displayed on my website now. 😉 So I guess this means that I can now call my debut novel an “award-winning” book. Yay! Lastly, I spotted my novel along with some other amazing books on BuzzFeed’s List: 2018 Debut Novels from Small Presses worth reading! You can check out the full list here. These books would make a great line up of debut reads for the summer!


And while folks search for their next great summer read, I’ve been working on my next great summer write— the second book in the Immortal Series! And I’m making waves with none other than… my 13-year old mini-me! Turns out my girl has a knack for writing too! This summer, she began her very own murder mystery (gruesome … I know, but totally like mama, like daughter!) and it’s become a “thing” for us to hit up Starbucks weekly to work on our respective pieces. #teenwriters #momwriters 😉 (Psst… and stay tuned for a sneak peak of Book 2 Coming soon!) You don’t want to miss it!

Looking ahead, I’m VERY excited for some in-person events I’ve got planned! One coming up just next month— I will be having my first solo book signing event at my local Barnes & Noble on July 17, 2018 at 7:00pm! For anyone in the immediate Orlando, FL area or about, please be sure to stop on by! I will be there with signed paperback copies of Immortal Descent. And there will be a live reading! (Not nervous at all… 😛 )

BN_instapromo copy.jpg

More excitement is sure to come as I continue down this crazy but amazing journey that is the first year as a published author. 😀

Till next time!


Thoughts? Share your comments below!


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2 thoughts on “What’s New in June!

  1. Hi Carolyn – I had the pleasure of judging the contest at TheBookDesigner last month. Thrilled that your cover has had some other recognition too – it’s really beautiful. Congrats on the WeLoveIndieBooks award – well deserved. All the Best with it. Kit.

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